Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dr. Meanie became Dr. Nice

So today I had an appt with the doctor I disliked the most! I saw him twice during my last pregnancy. Here is the background... It was an appt during my second trimester, almost into the third. It was also my first appt while back at work (after being off for the summer). All my previous appts were first thing in the morning before I ate, but this one was at about 5pm. Not to mention I had transitioned back into fall clothes so I was no longer wearing skirts, tshirt and flip flops.. I was wearing cords and a cardigan. Anyway, I ended up "gaining" 12 lbs in one month. I later weighed myself with no clothes and it was only up 4lbs, but thats besides the point. So he totally gives me the weight lecture, blah blah, blah. He was so mean about it and duh buddy by looking at me, you can tell I've had weight issues! So I made sure to not see him again until the end of my pregnancy when I had no choice. He was fine then.

This pregnancy I vowed to not see him. Of course I made my first appt and it wasnt until April 20th. I have had really bad m/s and new I wouldn't make it another 5-6 weeks without some zofran. I called and they got me an appt with Dr. Meanie. I sucked it up and thought okay, I just need the medicine. Anyway, fast forward to today's appt. He was so incredibly nice!! Of course I totally threw it out there that I am concerned about gaining weight as I am starting this pregnancy higher than the last one. He was very encouraging and told me about some patients who were very careful and gained little to nothing. He also wants to see me back in a week to check my weight (since I lost 6lbs last week from not eating). Then because I mentioned I've had cramping, he scheduled an u/s for Thursday! I left today feeling like I probably misjudged him! I am glad he changed my mind and now have no problems seeing him during this pregnancy! Just had to share my joy of no longer disliking this doctor and getting an u/s later this week!

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