Thursday, July 8, 2010

21 weeks

Just got home yesterday and boy is the heat aggravating me! I am not a fan of the heat and am really hating it while pregnant! The girls are moving around like crazy. Their kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger! I can only imagine how strong they will be as the weeks go on. I went this morning to have my early GD test done. Fingers crossed that I pass! Even if I pass I still will have to have it done again at 28 weeks. Boooo!

How far along? 21 weeks 3 days
Weight gain/loss: +10lbs... still the same.. very glad I did not gain any weight while on vacation this week
Maternity clothes? Loving my maternity clothes!!
Stretch marks? No new ones yet, but my stomach is getting very itchy
Sleep? Slept terribly while in NJ, but slept well last night in my own bed!
Best moment this week? Seeing my family!
Food cravings: slurpees!
Gender: Two girls!! Will double check that at the u/s next tuesday.
Belly button in or out? In, but flattening
Movement? Felt them thumping on the outside yesterday while sitting at the doctor's office.
What I miss? My family already!
What I'm looking forward to: July 13th, follow up u/s to see Baby B's heart since she was a little shy.
Weekly wisdom: I love my little girls!
Milestones: The babies are the size of bananas this week..

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