Saturday, September 4, 2010

29 weeks

So another week down, one more week closer to meeting these little girls. I met with my OB (well a different one in the practice) and she confirmed they will set my c/s date for November 2nd! She said a nurse will be calling in the next couple of weeks to give me the time and directions for the night before. Eeek! I am nervous about another c/s but understand it is the safest for both my girls and I! I am also sad about the idea of being away from Abby for five days! She'll only get to visit for a little bit each day :-( I will miss her so much.

BIL and SIL are still working on their house. Hopefully they will finish all the painting this weekend and start moving next weekend. My MIL is driving me crazy because she doesn't feel they should rush to get out. Um, yes they do because we have so much stuff to do here and I can't really help! So annoying! She keeps saying everything will get done, but um, we'd really like to be able to have everything done in the next couple weeks so we can just relax for a weekend or two before the babies come! But apparently, that idea has slipped her mind!

I also had my first week of school with the students. They are such a cute and nice bunch of kids. The worst thing was it was 90+ degrees this week and my school does not have air conditioning! So basically I was just drenched in sweat every day! It was awful and my feet and ankles were so swollen by the end of the week! I am definitely looking forward to the cooler fall weather, whenever it decides to show up.

How far along? 29 weeks 5 days
Weight gain/loss: +20lbs... I went to the doctor on Thursday and I have hit the 20lb mark!
Maternity clothes? Wearing the same few shirts and pants I
Stretch marks? No new ones yet, and I have been lathering my tummy up!
Sleep? Sleeping like crap.. its getting hard to change positions and my hips are starting to bother me.
Best moment this week? First day of school!
Food cravings: dying for some sushi!
Gender: Definitely two girls
Belly button in or out? In, but flattening
Movement? Feels like they are trying to claw their way out now!
What I miss? Being able to sleep comfortably
What I'm looking forward to: Ultrasound on Tuesday... can't wait to see my girls and how much they have grown.
Weekly wisdom: I love my little princesses!
Milestones: They are the size of a squash for the next couple weeks!

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