Saturday, August 28, 2010

28 weeks

Yikes, I went back to school this week! It was a very busy week because I had to switch back to third grade, which meant I had to move all my stuff for a second time this summer! It really stunk, but in the end I am glad to be back in third. It will make my maternity leave easy since I taught third grade for four years and saved all my plan books! Plus I really like my old classroom... only bummer is it's on the second floor!

All my coworkers were surprised at how much work I have been doing. They can't believe the level of energy I have. Yes, I am tired when I get home, but it's not too bad. The only bad thing... the swelling! My poor feet and ankles have definitely been really puffy this week. The kids start on Monday so we'll see what they look like Monday night. And yes, I had some parents already complaining about having a teacher who is pregnant. Excuse me, for wanting to have children like you did? Apparently we are not allowed to have children during the school year.

I am starting to feel really big. I can barely bend down to pick up things anymore and getting dressed is even a challenge. Tossing and turning at night is also becoming a huge effort. Only 10 more weeks though!!

How far along? 28 weeks 5 days
Weight gain/loss: +20lbs... I have been weighing myself and its been up and down, but I'm gonna say its up a total of 20 for the pregnancy so far.
Maternity clothes? Wearing the same few shirts and pants I
Stretch marks? No new ones yet, and I have been lathering my tummy up!
Sleep? Getting harder to move around at night. My sides get sore very quickly.
Best moment this week? Getting my classroom all ready for the school year!
Food cravings: dying for some sushi!
Gender: Definitely two girls
Belly button in or out? In, but flattening
Movement? Moving around like crazy! I can feel their feet when they kick and push out.
What I miss? Being able to sleep comfortably
What I'm looking forward to: First day of school on Monday! Bring on the kiddos!
Weekly wisdom: I love my little princesses!
Milestones: This is the last week that they are eggplants, next week they move on...

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