Friday, October 15, 2010

35 weeks...

Quite an interesting week! My wonderful cold came back to haunt me on Sunday, got worse Monday and Tuesday! So Wednesday I called to make an appt with my doc to get some more medicine. Well around 2:15pm while at school things went blurry and I couldn't see straight. Ended up leaving my classroom and had to call the school nurse. She took my BP and found it was elevated. We called my OB who said to come on over. Thankfully the school nurse was able to drive me over, where they had me lay down for 20 minutes and then took my BP again and luckily it went down and the spots went away. They sent me home to rest and lay down. They said to call if it happened again. Well around 6pm it happened again while just laying on the couch. So I called and they said if it didn't go away in 30 min to head to the ER. It went away. I told DH if it happens again we are going to the ER. Of course around 10pm things got really blurry so we headed to the ER. I was quite the talk of the ER since I am 35 weeks pg with twins. Around 2am they sent me home and since all my labs came back fine they felt it was probably just from the sinus pressure from my cold. They put the babies on the monitor while I was at the Birthplace and it was nice to hear the babies heartbeats. I am glad they are doing well and still hanging in there!!

I went to my primary doctor yesterday and got some more meds. More anti-biotics and am now taking regular Sudafed (ya know the kind people make meth out of). I have to say that stuff works way better than the other stuff I had been taking. I am hoping I feel much better by Wednesday so I can get my flu shot and pass the benefits on to the babies!

Will update later after my u/s! Here is my update: So I went for the BPP u/s. During the u/s Baby A's heart rate was in the 180's to 200's so the peri was concerned so she sent me to the Birthplace to have a NST done. Of course we were having company for the weekend so my husband met us there with his friend who had just flew in. I had to have MIL come with me because she didn't want me going alone. Of course Baby A's heart rate was fine while we were there, but they also mentioned that I was having some contractions. I kinda laughed cause i had no idea. I continued to have more contractions throughout the weekend, but they have since disappeared.

How far along? 35 weeks 4 days
Weight gain/loss: +28lbs... could be more, but my scale is now broken so I'll have to wait until my next appt on the 20th!
Maternity clothes? Running out of clothes that really cover my whole tummy! Someone needs to make a line of clothes for women pregnant with multiples. (Still feeling the same about this comment!)
Stretch marks? Yup got some new ones going horizontally across the top of my belly... and they are continuing to stretch... also got some bumpy feeling ones on my lower abdomen... ugh.
Sleep? Sleep??? What's that? Between this cold and being so uncomfortable I don't get much of it.
Best moment this week? being home from work for two days!
Food cravings: dying for some sushi!
Gender: Definitely two girls (had the u/s tech check again)
Belly button in or out? In, but flattening
Movement? Moving around and trying to poke their way out.. Baby A needs to stop kicking my ribs!
What I miss? Being able to sleep comfortably.. I really really miss this!
What I'm looking forward to: u/s today! Will update later but they are now checking the babies' breathing motions and basically seeing how ready they are to be born.
Weekly wisdom: I love my little princesses!
Milestones: They are the size of a honeydew!

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