Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 weeks

On Tuesday I met with the intake nurse for my first "official" appointment. We did the usual talking about anything that has changed since my last pregnancy. She explained that all my u/s will be done with the high risk OB now, so I am just sitting and waiting for them to call me to schedule the NT scan. I also had some wonderful blood taken, but luckily it wasn't as much as last time. So now I just sit and wait until my next u/s to see if both babies are still growing strong. I swear I get more nervous each day. The only reassurance I have that things are going well is my morning sickness has been awful and getting worse everyday! Boooo!

How far along? 10 weeks 3 days
Weight gain/loss: -8 lbs. I have been eating like crap but the scale is staying the same.
Maternity clothes? I totally broke down and bought some maternity capris in case it gets hot again. I am still trying to squeeze into my regular pants though.
Stretch marks? No new ones yet
Sleep? I have been sleeping pretty well actually.
Best moment this week? Finally telling FIL and family. They were sooo excited!
Food cravings: Salty foods!
Gender: My mom did the old wives tale with the key on a string and holy moly, it totally went around in a circle and then stopped and would go back and forth so now I am thinking a boy and a girl.
Belly button in or out? In
Movement? nope, too early, but I am getting some spasms in the tummy area.
What I miss? Desperately missing sushi... wah!
What I'm looking forward to: May 10th... will be 13 weeks!
Weekly wisdom: Today I am pregnant with twins, and I love my babies.
Milestones: babies are the size of kumquats (so about an inch long each)

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  1. Have you even had a kumquat? just curious...not many people have. :O) I love them!! I love old wives tales & cannot wait to see if any of them were true for us!!