Friday, April 2, 2010

Houston, we have TWO heartbeats

All the anticipation was killing me this week! Thursday at 5pm could not come quick enough. Thursday I started to panic and worry, would we see two heartbeats, one, or maybe none? Finally the tech called us in, and I mentioned I was nervous and hoping to see two. My wonderful husband got to see the vag cam and almost chuckled. I stared at the screen the instant something popped up and OMG, there were still two sacs. I thought one looked smaller, and then the tech goes, "Well there are two, but one looks a lot smaller."

The panic set in because I had done a lot of research and knew that one could stop developing at any point and started thinking we might lose one. However, they turned out to be measuring 7 wks 2 days and 7 wks 3 days, so only a day apart and right on target! We also got to see the little hearts flickering and both had heartbeats in the 140's. We were very excited to get this far with still having two strong babies. We know the next 5 weeks will be very important.

So now I wait until my first appt with the nurse on April 20th and then meet with the doctor again on April 27th. Only a couple of weeks.... I can do this!!

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